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About the Point Defiance Pirates

From our humble beginnings in 2005 at the first Tall Ships / Freedom Fair in Tacoma, we have strove to support local events, raise awareness to special needs within and beyond our community, and help generate funds for charities. Crew come and go, events may change, but the mission remains the same.

In the past we have volunteered for food banks, joined the fight against breast cancer, collected for Mary Bridge Children's Hospital / Tree House, and the Special Olympics of Washington. And we have worked behind the scenes from time to time if that is where we can best serve.

We also bring something special to the joy of learning through participation in school events like the Reading Assembly in Burley Glenwood Elementary. We volunteer for what ever passing the hat brings at unique events like a Pirate Party for Special Needs Children, and now and then we come across a young adult or child that has overcome insurmountable odds that touch our hearts, and focus our energy on them.

We also hire out for private events such as family reunions, weddings, birthdays and such. We concentrate our efforts mainly in the Tacoma area and nearby neighborhoods of the Puget Sound, but have traveled to places like Ocean Shores and Westport, and often give a good 'Ahoy' to the Gig Harbor / Port T' Orchard area.

So, iffin ye have a charity, local fund raiser er neighborhood event ye wants help with ta get off the ground, a family event er a special party fer yer young buccaneer or mermaid, feel free ta give us a shout. And if ye be lookin ter join a crew, we be honored fer ye to give us a shout, as we be ferever on the lookout fer new crew.

Yours be the code;
Point Defiance Pirates.

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